What to wear: episode2

Not only is what to wear a problem but also our colour combination. We look so long at some colours and wonder what goes with what and what doesnt, seriously thinking about that gives me headache. When combining  colours there are certain criteria’s that must  be considered.
1: skin tone
2: event your going to
3: comfortability with colours
Am going to share with you some colours I think you shouldn’t  combine but take note that some times d shade of the colour matters a lot .or sometimes you might want to look funky, creative or even funny at that note you could just play with colours. Some colours that don’t match are:

Gray and brown
Red and green
Black and brown
Red and green
Red and orange
Green and pink
Purple and yellow
Green and orange. Note that some of this conditions can be contemplated due to the reasons given above but we should try as much as possible not to combine more than three colours to prevent a riot of colours. And finally we should learn our colour wheel for more enlightment.